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It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago, I was going through a rough period mentally and emotionally….all because of a man…and I’m ashamed to even be saying this because I learned I shouldn’t let anyone take my power, my own control, away from me. 4 years ago, I went through one of the worse depressive states of my life. I let my self go. My mind, my emotions, my self-awareness, my self-love…and it was gone for almost 3 years until God pulled me to rock bottom to show me that I where I was going could kill me. I didn’t realize what was happening or why it was happening. But God showed me 3 reasons why he pulled me down so I could start over and ever since, I’ve moved through a lot differently than I ever have before.

I use to think that people who experience traumatic events in their life would fake the whole “I’m moving differently now, I’m seeing things more clear…blah blah”. Yea…I get it now. In that split second, I literally could have lost my life and I spent the previous 3 years in depression and letting people do whatever they wanted to me, treat me any kind of way. And horrible the experience was, I’m glad to say, I thank God that he pulled me to the lowest level so I could start over and begin a new journey.

I started BlackGirlSanity as a way to try to escape all the troubles and try to center myself back with peace. I’ll admit, it was very hard, but just to even start was an accomplishment for me. I started by keeping a journal & doing self-care. You know, things that I feel would make me happy and feel back at peace (tbh, I haven’t known peace since I graduated college, BUT WHO’S CLOCKING??).

Some of the things I started to do was:

  • Buy myself a bouquet of flowers every Saturday
  • Start back reading
  • Walking
  • Learned to do make-up
  • Write

In order to maintain a true self-care regimen was to be CONSISTENT. The more you are consistent to yourself, the better the results are. BlackGirlSanity is here to be that support. To be the one to say “hey, we see you. Keep pushing. Start over as much as you need to, but don’t give up.”

We don’t want to see you lost in your forest of emotional turmoil. We want to see you on top. Please use this website as your safe space and resource guide for anything you may need. We are here for you.


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