About Us

Black Girl Sanity was created in 2017 after the tail end of an awfully bad break up. She is the brainchild of @_donielle, who originally created it for herself to express ways of getting over said break up but decided to create a safe place for those who were experiencing a similar feeling.

Black Girl Sanity has turned into something more than what it was intended to be. It is dedicated to black and brown people to help them find a safe space from the world who may have turn their backs on them and also a place where you can be your natural black self. BGS has dedicated itself to finding and helping you connect to resources for mental health while giving and shedding light on black history, racial injustice and much more.

As stated, we are a safe space and we want to open this to any and everyone, including sharing your story. If you want submit any writing related to our space, please feel free to email us using the Contact tab and we will send over the details.